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Bio Jouvance Paris Bio Choice is formulated with active ingredients and the Transdermal Delivery System . Bio Choice is an alternative to the BotoxTM injection.

Bio Jouvance Paris Bio Choice is a new, fast growing part of the esthetic market. Unlike BotoxTM , Bio Choice is a non-needle formula that is placed over the wrinkled area of the skin, and then it is absorbed further into the skin for faster and more effective results.

BioJouvance Paris Bio Choice contains Acetyl Hexapeptide (Argireline), a patented combination of amino acids engineered to relax wrinkles, mimicking the effect of BotoxTM injections, plus a patented delivery system. According to Arturo Puig of Lipotec, Argireline's manufacturer, like BotoxTM , it locally disrupts nerve signals sent to muscles, relaxing muscles and smoothing the skin. With the presence of high moisture-binding ingredients, lines smooth out immediately, resulting in the appearance of virtually pore-less kin.

Bio Choice Cream 1 oz

Bio Choice Serum 0.5 oz

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